Mentally disabled person and
i'm not so talkative.
I draw OC a lot, landscapes, make music and M rated art sometimes.

Age 23, Male

Art and Music


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Sup. I made new album. It's jazz-grind or cybergrind with jazz-fusion or etc.

I planned make in 2023 autumn, but only this week i finished it. It's chaotic, weird and dissonance.

You can listen on NG

and download on bandcamp: https://morpherence.bandcamp.com/album/odd-dreams


For people who interested about my dreams you can read here. idk which age rating to choose you can ask me

TL;DR description about my songs of my dreams.

1 and 10 song 2023_06_13: Night I got dream like I watching indie rock duet band video

probably japanese or korean first the featuring non band female vocalist singer they

only words I remember is she says Hooni (I don't read korean manga about depressed boy

with fights own "mental demons") and second videoclip the walking dogs some dogs

doesn't have skin skin only bones, but still have skin and fluff on head at early

morning. Other part of dream I saw the girl cut off plastic parts of her hair,

she has white hair.

2 Song: The childhood song I got started scared by radio host opening long time ago

3 Song: 2023_10_10: Dream i saw Lost Media Jockey Restaurant building

founded by Robert Jockey in 1988.

Mostly well know of few featuring movie and videoclip of rappers in 90s.

People only now trying find this building where it comes from,

how building looks and how it looks now.

It's from America obiviously.

4 song 2023_10_07: I have dreamed i watched old TV and switched channels,

but only last 28 channel is curse weird noise kinda looks like

vide Giygas from earthbound or analog horror.

I switched over and over and stuck channel of bionicles

while i play lego called bionicles that doesn't looks like bionicle

and tv started itself switched to 28 channel and i awake.

5 song 2023_10_07: Next dream i stuck at house that kinda vide of Evil Dead,

but the sky are cyan blue or light night i guest, on house

i trying songwritting jazz-grind album under name Dikitanovich

when i writing music it looks minimal layers.

Something weird happening like adventure most memoriable

i make song acoustic like non jazz

grind vibe to girl named Gaz (it's not from Invader Zim).

6 song: The nightmare i died on car accident by bionicle cars (probably Visorak)

7 song 2023_10_11: Tonight I saw dream that newgrounds got updated.

First it got unity engine and called unity grounds it was weird.

Second is deleted all pic entire decade and moved

to pixiv and called pixiv ground. To join pixiv ground needs

only Id from own pixiv account. Show pics of my OC and bionicles

with some pics that are fetish art.

That was worst. Next I was at grandparents.

I trying to join newest newgrounds,

but my grandpa started talking shit while he was drunk,

I got mental breakdown, after bad moment

we both have to calm down and have eat some desert.

Last moment I saw is people have many percussion to

drumming and dance at the same time.

8 song 2023_04_29 : I saw like Aero era (after watching video). The Dream looks like

half-life 2 I played TF2 2007 and I eat extra Phone that looks like of 2000s, but

easy holding, it taste like bubblegum lemon. I hold sack of extra stuff with sand for cat

toilet. I waited parrents form bathroom I ruined sack with crab legs.

I saw Invader Zim episode when Zim and Gir disgusted a lot of cheeses and Gir said

in russian voice actor "Now I going to shit", and internet is hacked. Probably?

9 song 2022_11_08: I have one lucid dream. When I saw on social media some artist

who draw cartoonish horror characters. She is vampire OC. I saw in bio to group of

city. I joined to look and I literally in the real life or virtual world.

My civilians remains me artist that got cancelled in 2020. I looked on channel link,

they allowed me and I photoshoot that (but i forgot it's just a dream)

The city is small I looked few thing. Most memorable is library where there have old school

horror items. Looks them and I think "Nah, Not Thanks" Last before I wake up

I see a lot civilians don't like cartoon or furry artist. I vomit many teeth that

i don't have it, that i pay it to theater. I tried to find vampire OC artist, but

it didn't happened. Guardians have seek me, they chasing me. At the end I got

on weird old cartoon fairy tale characters. They judging to bad guy not me.

The guy is little bit and died by ruler of that city. He looks like a Void from

Berserk. After speech he tried to catch me and entire move have pause. I said

"and that I how wake up".

11 song: Sometimes i see same dreams over and over, but uncanny sometimes.

I miss bionicles too much. 

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