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So. I finally made new album, not just album, but entire lore of my OC. My dreams comes true, but also i dissapointed myself my grammar mistake. Here it is. You can download on bandcamp. I later post each song in each post.



For people who actually interested in lore.

This album is dedicated to Michelle, nicknamed Scavenger Witch. About the adventure is a frog witch where she encounters obstacles and memories of the past not only for her,

 but with one warlock who will meet on the way and possibly stop one of the threats of the planet Hasian.

1. The story begins with a witch who was considered a threat to everyone, she actually wasn't that evil, she treated a lot of people, cooked food, sewed fabrics and most importantly, 

she has a pet buddy guitar is able to treat people. One day she sensed a threat in a distant place where large-scale destruction was taking place in one town, 

she flew in and saw a single-eyed monster in female form with many small eyes on white hair. This monster turned out to be cursed with disappointment in life.

The witch wanted to calm her down with music and it almost worked, but the residents were unhappy with her presence and attacked her. She tried to calm the residents down, but it didn't work out.

She was even injured, and the monster killed all the inhabitants. The city was devastated and the witch came to use a complex spell to stop the monster.

She sharpened it in the shape of a core for a century. It was not a victory as the city was completely destroyed. In the last rest of her life, 

she opened up in the shadows and married one of the inhabitants of the planet Hasian, it was an antro-morphic frog.

A hundred years have passed and for the last more than twenty years there has been a deterioration of distortions in those regions where it is closer. 

More civilians are leaving for these regions and more robbers are coming. In one bar, while the robbers were hanging out, one of the bounty hunters came. 

She is wearing a poncho, has one leg in a prosthetic and looks like a witch. She has a flying pet guitar.

While she was sitting ordering food, the robbers looked suspiciously while she was eating, and the pet looks at them and warns her. 

The robbers started attacking her, but she was preparing in advance and attacked several at once. There was a fight in the bar in a few minutes and she defeated the robbers.

The witch who won is named Michelle Borisova, and her pet is named Basil.

2. After the fights in the bar, she went for a walk around the town and saw one of the establishments that were racing through the desert as a reward for winning the 

first place would get a lot of money. She accepted the fate. She was preparing her flying route similar to a distributor. Everyone was preparing for the race and started. 

The race is going well for the most part, but there were some obstacles and rarely there are attacks on other riders with each other. Michelle, despite the fact that 

she was almost in the last place, she overtook the fastest and won the first place. She bought some food for the long journey in order to have even more adventures.

3. During her travels, she met a warlock on the way with a helmet in a robe and looks different on her left hand. 

He warns of a more dangerous person who hunts witches. The enemy cyborg survived the damage, but he was reanimated into a cyborg in bad hands 

and manipulated into killing witches to prevent the monsters from calming down in a flying core. His nickname Necromoth Michelle did not believe and believes that warlock wants to attack her.

He had no choice but to fight for her. The battle was on a par, but warlock could win and had to try it on in advance. Michelle calmed down 

and asked a few questions with him before she continued on her way. She said her full name and warlock gave good news that her father is alive 

and is looking for you to calm the monsters and another witch mentor, who she is of the same race as Michelle (maybe she is a cousin of Michelle's mother). 

Warlock called himself by his full name and his name is Uesli Hasanworm.

Michelle hurried to find her father and left. Uesli saw in the distance that the Necromancer was approaching her and hurried after Michel's entanglement.

4. Michelle traveled to several places while looking for her father and one where there was greenery, she arrived in a village where destruction had recently occurred. 

It turns out that Michelle's mother used to live there. Michelle saw one of the stones where it is painted. She was approaching the stone, it depicts the symbol of the key of the cult with an eye 

in the middle and a similar "X" and possibly an "M" similar to a moth. She walked around the abandoned village and noticed two flags with a chest.

She looked in and saw a magic amulet that looked like a guitar pick, but while Michelle was looking into the chest, Basil saw a creature attacking from behind.

5. Michelle and Basil dodged and saw a cyborg in a raincoat. It was a Necromoth. He wanted both of them dead, blaming them for all the sins that the witches had done on this planet.

Michelle defended herself and dodged the attack that the Necromoth throws his helmet, which it is less frequent. The battle was not on an equal footing.

6. Michelle was almost killed by a Necromoth, but UeslI and his mentor came to the rescue on his glider. 

They fought against the Necromoth and the warrior stunned him for a while. Uesli and the mentor thanked Michelle and Basil and went to the jungle, 

that is, to their native lands as a mentor. Being a mentor in her native places. Michelle thanked her and Uesli for saving her. The mentor introduced her name and is glad to meet her cousin niece as Michelle.

Her name is Luara Pietra.

7. Night falls Michelle, Uesli and Loire are going to regain their strength. Michelle talked about her past before she fell asleep. 

Michelle was born in the clan of the "Blind Warrior" in the family of the military engineer cyborg Igor Borisov and the witch Valentina, 

where the inhabitants of the clan kept them to fulfill the prophecy (by their standards) to give peace to the monster. 

She was born physically disabled in the days after the victory against traitors and occultists, She studied at school and was a "black sheep" for three reasons: witch blood, disability, Russian accent.

She was bullied and teased by everyone, including the teacher, who does not like witches; except for one person with a frog family. 

It was Chloe Frosch. She was stupid, but beautiful sometimes gets into ridiculous situations and doesn't get upset about her failures. 

She met Michelle, pitied her by supporting her with conversation and was inspired by her when she later could be flexible, physically healthy, 

could play one of the guitars with music, but she could not sing, her voice was rough. Chloe wanted Michelle to teach her how to practice music and dance and even magic, 

although she is just an ordinary girl with an informal hobby. In the late period, Michelle became stronger and her character changed to a more grumpy one.

She was kicked out of school when she reached adulthood and considers herself too smart for a group of "stupid slugs"

Uesli remembered one of the moments when he met her after falling in love, but she refused and said that life was cruel. 

Michelle was surprised that his appearance had changed a lot, especially his face and left hand

Michelle continued her story. Igor made a prosthesis for Michelle during his school days and later built a whole glider. 

Michelle was surprised that such a ridiculous at first glance machines could drive so fast and agile.

One day Michelle went to get a resource for the clan, heard a rumble on the side of the clan, immediately returned to the clans, but it was far away 

and returned late everything was destroyed and the call of her father was not there, there were several corpses of those who died in the clan, 

but she could not find her father anywhere. She got upset and drove away from the incident.

While traveling away from the devastation, she saw a shooting star, saw the place of falls, 

she drove to them and got to the destination, she saw a guitar with a pattern and one eye, touched the strings of the guitar sounded magically 

and the guitar came to life. Michelle was surprised that this guitar is a living creature of alien origin and can transform guitars into a flying creature with four wings. 

Michelle named Basil after her mother when she passed away early due to an unknown illness.

Michelle began to make a living from music, but there were more scoundrels, she had to join the battle, go through all sorts of adventures and take all sorts of competitions.

That was the end of her story about her past. Michelle and Uesli are going to bed.

8. A few days have passed when everyone is especially Michelle. Loire began to train Michelle and Uesli and improve her skills. 

The training was more difficult for Michelle than for Uesli, and she even lost the duel against him in time. She improved dexterity, 

willpower and volition and music in order not to be a soulless virtuoso guitarist, but more sincere so that while playing the guitar you can not only heal, but restore the spirit and tranquility.

After training, Michelle and Uesli decided to compete in a duel again and Michelle almost won, but Loire stopped this duel and decided to celebrate because 

Uesli found a signal in the glider and this signal was the voice of Michelle's father that he was alive and was going to get out of the black desert.

Loire is convinced that Michelle is the savior of the planet Hasian, that she can correct the mistakes of her ancestors a hundred years ago.

Loire recalls telling Valentina about girl, who became a monster.

9. About a hundred years ago, there lived a girl named Melan. She was open-minded and good-natured, and dreamed of becoming a great magician to make the world a better place, 

but every time she sees poverty, conflicts, bad people in the city and the disappointment of life, she accumulated negative energy. Despite this, she became a great magician,

 but believes that she is not good enough and despite all the efforts people were unhappy with her and that they consider her a witch.

Once she fought a monster and won, but her magic is so strong that it damaged some cities and unintentionally injured people.

She began to lose control and began to blame herself for getting more negative energy. Once, on a walk, she met a couple of hooligans insulting her,

 she did not use force and decided to use diplomacy, but the hooligans manipulated the residents of the town, and everyone screamed and accused of all sins.

 Melan became hysterical and lost control of her magic, turning it into a curse.

She turned into a monster and began to destroy everything in her path. Later, the witch described above came, she imprisoned her in the core so they did not allow her to calm Melan.

And after a hundred years, she begins to wake up still with a negative intention. 

After this story, Luara offered to refresh herself and gather behind Michelle's father and use music to calm her down once and for all.

10. After training and telling Michelle, Wesley and Luara went to the black desert. During her travels, 

Michelle remembered and wanted to ask Uesli what happened to him and how he survived. 

He replied that he fought in the clan against the attack of evil spirits and distortion came across in several places, 

then at that time he did not know how to use magic. When the situation turned out to be a complete collapse and many civilians left the clans, 

including Igor, to protect the refugees and the remaining fighters fought for the rest of their lives despite defeat.

Once he saw one portal going into the world of distortion, he risked getting into the portal to avoid the scene of the accident. 

He fell into another world by falling into turquoise lakes, when he got out, he saw creatures that looked completely different and his injured left arm 

changed more semi-insect-like and his face changed from frogs to more different sometimes it looks like a lizard.

Uesli saw one mysterious sorcerer of tiny size, slightly fat with one eye. He demanded to choose from this world, but the sorcerer demanded proof 

that he could get out. Uesli survived and even got used to these worlds and even begins to show magic in the likeness of lightning by killing one of the monsters.

 The sorcerer was surprised that such a mortal could show such an ability and released him back into the real world and said that there were several worlds of distortion,

 that he ruled one of them, and he could not rule the rest because he admitted that he was too stupid and naive. And he released Uesli back into the real world, into the jungle.

In the real world, he met Loire. She knew in advance that he was not from evil and asked 

"Where did you come from and how did you get into the world of distortion and “survived" Uesli, describing above, 

mentioned both Igor and Michelle. Luara was delighted that she now had a great-niece and also regretted her passing

Michelle's mother Valentina. She restored him in addition to his appearance, trained him and offered to find her. 

Uesli had previously managed to meet the Necromoth and reported to the Luara. Luara was afraid in advance of the future destruction of the planet Hasian.

After the end of Uesli's story. Michelle and their companions continued their search and found one of the gliders. 

When they stopped, they met Michelle's father. Igor was happy, like Michelle's daughter herself, that they had found each other. 

They left the black desert with him.

11. Igor said that it was not the first time he had seen the spoilage of the distortions of the world even before the birth of Michelle in the clan of the blind warrior.

 He lived in a small town with an older brother named Max. Once there was a damage in one building when Max

He became interested in other worlds using them in the name of science. He was building an energy ball to make contact with another world, 

but later it exploded and Max suffered the most. The rest of the scientists left the place of the incident, and Max was taken to another world by a pair of occultists,

 making him a cyborg to destroy the savior plan from corruption and evil spirits. Igor got the information later by asking a couple of scientists who survived the incident.

 The town itself was preparing for a possible second wave of damage and evacuation.

Gliders and ships were ready to leave the city after evacuating all residents, 

but there were losses and one of the small ship where Igor was hit by a wave of distortion damage and got into an accident. 

Everyone died in this ship, except Igor, who was wounded in his left arm. From the remaining parts of the ship, he built a prosthetic left arm a few days later, eating what food he had left.

After running out of food, he had to leave the destroyed ship and saw several gangs from certain clans.

They did not greet Igor so warmly, but he convinced them that he was in peace and could be useful.

He met the clan leader, who is a blind warrior with a large war hammer. He offered to prove that Igor was a worthy warrior.

Igor proved that he was worthy and shared a couple of resources from the destroyed ship and engineering, but not everyone was 

happy with him and among them were a couple of traitorous occultists who wanted to defeat the blind warrior early, but failed. 

The leader of this group of occultists was a skin-like warrior with two large centipede-like arms.

One day Igor met a mysterious girl in relation to magic. It was Valentine and she was a witch.

They had a love relationship and one of the conversations Igor told me that the wave of spoilage had increased dramatically due to unsuccessful experiments.

Valentina said that she could stop the spoilage with the music of tranquility and told the stories of the witches of the ancestors described above.

The clan began to believe in more hopes of saving the planet Hasian thanks to Igor's technology. They continued to search for the core.

By the time Valentine was born, she began to feel bad and it is possible that she is the last one to save. She confessed her love for Igor,

 they got married and she gave birth to Michelle. Valentina died when Michelle was seven years old. Igor began to take more careful care of Michelle, despite the fact that she is the new "messiah"

During the care, Igor prepares not only a glider for Michelle, but also restores the ship for evacuation in order to avoid the "third" wave of distortion damage in his case.

15 years have passed and a wave of corruption has overtaken so Michelle did not have time to come home to the clan with resources. 

Igor, along with civilians, evacuated the disaster zone, although initially he wanted not only with Michel, but the remaining troops,

 however, blind wars took part of the troops to delay the attack, including Uesli, and appointed Igor as the title, although it will be under a different clan name. 

The evacuation was successful, but there were casualties and even some of the survivors from the clan sided with the occultists.

This was the last battle of the blind warrior.

12. While leaving the black desert, a group of Michelle's comrades came to the city where the destruction occurred a hundred years ago. Some places are covered with

 greenery and some of the debris has become part of the natural greenery.

We stopped walking further and in the fog we could see a huge core with chains and some squares formed small islands. They came close to the flying core. And it remains to 

perform soothing music to cleanse the sins and negative energy accumulated for more than a hundred years. 

Michelle was preparing a performance and in time for the interruption came a group of traitor occultists and the leader of the group, Scaron Stonoga. 

He wanted world domination and wanted to gain power. They awakened the core itself with the chaos amulet.

The chains began to break, the core begins to collapse like a cocoon. Michelle's companions defended themselves against the occultists, while Michelle tries to play the music of rest,

but a Necromoth appeared in the fog and stopped her arrival. And so the monster is completely released from the core and she is in full rage as the first destruction of that city.

Scaron solemnly says during the awakening of the monster, "In the name of chaos, give me power in front of this planet! Chaosmoth, Arise!"

13. The moth of chaos destroyed the landshafts and slowly flew to the cities in the distance. The battle of the merchants against the legions of occultists was intense.

 Michelle fought against the Necromoth, but Luara distracted him and offered to use incantation music. Michelle performed, but the music wasn't loud enough for the chaos moth to hear.

 A scaron of many-armed men attacked several of them, separating the bodies from it like an aircraft carrier producing several aircraft.

This distracted many that even the Necromancer returned to the main goal of killing Michelle. Uesli immediately followed him. 

And one throw from the disc saw helmet is aimed directly at Michelle, but Basil Guitar is protecting her by sacrificing himself.

14. Basil dies forming a small outbreak, destroying those who are against Michelle and the merchandise. Most of the legions of occultists have weakened.

 The battle continues: Luara took on the remaining occultists, Igor against Scaron, and Uesli against Necromoth. Michelle stands in shock, falling to her knees, looks at the remaining remnants of Basil,

 sheds a small drop of tears and slowly plays as if she had played the guitar all her life until her death. The Chaosmoth stops and begins to hear the melodies that she is playing. 

The moth calms down, and the fight continues, but already on the side of the merchandise. The Luara overcomes the legions,

Uesli destroys the Necromoth along with enchantment and Igor overpowers Scaron, even when Scaron goes on the run. And with one glance of the rays of the luminous Scaron,

 he flies and approaches the eye of Melan face to face, he disappears and she cleanses her sins and forgives for what she did earlier, including for being in the core.

 Melan transforms back into an ordinary, but brighter sorceress.

15. The battle against the end of the world ended successfully. The legion of occultists was destroyed. UeslI, Igor, and Luara looked at Michelle,

 Basil's remains, and Necromoth's destroyed mechanical body. The necromancer returns to normal, his consciousness returned, but it was the last one before 

he went to another world. He apologizes to his brother Igor and Michelle for messing up and for falling into the hands of the devil

Melan wanted to offer the desire to resurrect Max (Necromoth) and Basil, but Max offered to give the power to Michelle and Basil, including the resurrection

 of Basil himself, so that he could attack and protect him by taking him to another world.

Melan accepted and took Max with her, flying into deep space and possibly protecting the planet Hasian itself. Having resurrected Basil,

 Michelle was delighted to hug him, and together her comrades hugged together. They watched together as Melan took Max and flew into space.

16. After the victory, the comrades left away from the ruins and away from the place where there are many robbers. Michelle and Uesli dueled and

 fought for the aspiration of who became much stronger.

Michelle defeats Uesli by breaking part of the helmet's face and kissing him, they begin to show more love for each other, Igor and Luara also show love,

 but they are in no hurry to get married.

Founded in one more advanced city, Michelle meets an old friend, Chloe. She told the whole adventure that she had already been through.

 Chloe talked with great interest, even envying her friend Uesli, for which Michelle is embarrassed.

Igor arranges a garage for the invention of all sorts of "junk", Luara sometimes dedicates to the Borisov family. 

Michelle and Uesli hunt about evil spirits and find more adventures, but that's a completely different story.


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