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Digest of my favorite music album

Posted by Morpherence - November 24th, 2023

Hello, everyone. I'm bored cause i always share music some mutual people on discord and i decided to share that i like most. I'm not sure i can't talk music a lot, but some experince have from past I will share.


I did haven't listen long time since i download album in 2018. It's collection of songs that Colorgeist made in past.

One day i used listen when after i watched creepypasta video and having nightmare. For seriously it's unique album

all songs has different synth or soundfont that fits well in vgm music.


This album i listened in past year (2022) when i wanted to find free album with playing saxophone after i listened technical death metal band Rivers of Nihil that few track used Saxophone that show beauty of track.

For saxophone song used in this album is fifth track "After"

I have same moment when i have nightmare i use fully listen, it's so calm and warm and let me calm down.

For people who wants japanese album i highly recommend this ep.


Himiko Kikuchi - Flying Beagle

Speaking about Japanese music, Yall like Jazz?

Joke aside. I remember when i listenned mashup song of Yung Venuz and some random jazz loops that nobody knows until some body upload full album that featuring song that use in Yung Venuz. It's track called "Baby Talk"

That mashup i having vibe while swimming on beach:


Atleast even enough photo of pet i getting more attention to listen this album.

For album it's much more jam (my mom said that) jazz-fusion album. Really nice.


maybelle - キンポウゲの日々(Buttercup days)

This album i found recently thanks by rateyourmusic (no i'm not going to register and rate any music album i listened it's exhusting)

Probably obscure for wild west i listened. It's chill indie pop album,

some acoustic like "Have a kitten" (favorite one) and some indie lite rock.


Rezzet - Rezzet LP

For japanese is cover art by creator GeGeGe no Kitarou Shigeru Mizuki

The album made by british duet Rezzet.

It's house music (mostly track), but much Lo-Fi sound and last track is more jungle.

I love in fact that cover art fits music these guys, it feels jungle vibe. (thank rateyoumusic)


Paavoharju - Yhä h​ä​m​ä​r​ä​ä

Well this one is more obscure and lo-fi (cover art meaning us)

It's Finnish psycheldelic folk album by Paavoharju.

For intro is kinda creepy. I have nothing to say this album, but definetly needs to listen to feel experince

This thing i like cause "Yup. It's obscure album" (don't judge me the digest is not serious i wanted to share album)


Metatronaut - Waveform Warrior

Enough obscure rateyourmusic album. Time to talk my favorite chiptune album all time.

Cover art made Nightmargin mostly well know us creator of puzzle game Oneshot

Could talk a lot this album (of course not, especilly non native language)

But i have a lot favorites tracks such us "Born To Fly", "The Crucis Fiasco", "Northern Lights", "Chrome City".

Born to Fly it feel more melancholic, but so nice that gives wish to fly something

The Crucis Fiasco is so epic song that gives you us you join on epic adventure ,no it's not undertale like, but pretty sure

many people have own "soundtrack" about adventure no matter what genre should be metal, classic, jazz or even ambient from my childhood game spore, off)

Unfortanetly project Metatronaut is not active, but active in different name nanode that make close danceability us that album, but way more modern edm and some banger of new project i like.

I kinda miss days when i use deviantart to endlessly look more art include Nightmargin for example and what gonna say is to thank to Nightmargin to introdice great chiptune music of Metatronaut (or Nanode). Sometime i wish that she make own songs, i miss new music of Night.


Yerzmyey - Rave is illegal!

Yup. Last time i have more nostalgia. For chiptune or i should say tracker techno music that made on Amiga i like

ep of Yerzmyey. My favorite track is first one.

This only thing us have great (not epic) is listening this song while playing tf2 on deathrun map bank.

It's not all music i wanted to share and say. Last time i listened a lot music and overlisting is exhusting us i said early.

I hope you like my test blog to see how people reacted my blog.

Since i can't buy some digital album,game and sell my music. I wanted to some people gifted to me on bandcamp if possible since i opened my boosty and no one supports me. Ugh.

Anyway. Have a good day and take care

The albums:












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